How to harness the power of your mind

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This is a tip based on concepts from The Magic of Thinking Big.

You have to recognize that your mind operates on two levels. The one we understand is the conscious mind because we use it daily and are aware of its activities. We use the unconscious mind daily as well but most of the time it operates without our direction. It decides based on what we feed it. Your effectiveness in controlling your life depends on recognizing the value and operation of both the conscious and unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind operates under cover and works powerfully to make things happen. It doesn’t care (or judge) what those things are. It goes to work on whatever is presented.

The conscious mind works in the open, Its ideas are those we create as we go through the day. These ideas are the framework for the way we deal with life as it happens and our confidence in taking action and moving forward. These thoughts are also picked up by the unconscious mind and it acts on those thoughts without question. If you make a mistake and think “Oh, I am dumb.” You may not really believe that you are dumb but your unconscious mind will and it will operate as if it were true and spare you from the consequences of being dumb by avoiding challenge.

You can see that the consequences of negativity hit both the conscious and unconscious minds. It is also important to understand that thoughts cannot be erased. A negative thought continues to cause damage even if you attempt to take it back. For this reason, it is important to think only positive thoughts. Don’t let the negative in. Nothing good is gained from thinking a negative thought. Nothing is made better or corrected and you are made worse.

Three steps can help you keep your mind in positive territory;

Think success – always think in terms of accomplishing your goal. Put yourself on the road that will surely take you there, take action and think of yourself as reaching the goal.

Tell yourself every day that you are better than you think you are – it is so easy to observe that you are deficient while others are proficient because we constantly undervalue our own worth and overvalue others. Don’t do it. You are good! Tell yourself often.

Believe big – You know that big accomplishments are possible and that you will be the one to do them. Each day you get closer and the obstacles you overcome each day just prove that, Don’t settle for small goals. Small goals are for small people and you are good.

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