How to Make Your Office Greener?

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There are countless of benefits of having a green office. You’ll not only help save the environment, you’ll also be saving a lot of money and create a healthier workspace. Going green might seem like a big leap for some, but in reality, making small changes can create a ripple effect towards loftier goals. Starting out with simple things can help workers adapt to new habits easier. Here are some easy ways to make your office greener:

1. Turn off devices after use.

This is a no brainier yet many office workers fail to heed this advice. We may switch off our computers before leaving the office, but we often forget about other devices like printers, fax machines, and photocopiers. At the end of each day, switch them off or better yet, unplug them to eliminate “standby electricity” loss. This can cut your energy consumption by as much as ten percent. Use a power strip to easily turn off several devices with one switch. “Green Office”

2. Conserve paper.

According to the EPA, an average office worker can use as much as ten thousand pages of copy and printer paper each year. Look for ways where you can go paperless in the office. Consider going all digital for your employee manuals, reports, and other documents. Create online catalogs and newsletters for your customers instead of having them printed. Decide which office documents can be stored and accessed electronically. If you must print, use recycled paper and print on both sides to reduce paper consumption.

3. Use natural resources.

Re-arrange your office to take advantage of natural light coming in from the windows. Natural light contains the full spectrum which creates a more pleasing environment compared to regular fluorescent light. Install vertical blinds to let natural light come in and keep the harsh glare at bay. They can also make your office space cooler, helping you save power on air conditioning.

4. Add plants to your office space.

Plants help improve office air quality. Studies have shown that indoor air is thirty percent more polluted than the outdoors. Constant exposure can make people sick; triggering asthma attacks and allergies. Plants can help detoxify indoor air from various chemicals and volatile organic compounds. They release oxygen and humidify the air making it healthier for the occupants to breath. Studies have shown that clean air helps decrease stress levels and improve productivity.

5. Do the little things.

The little things you do to make your office more environment-friendly can make a huge difference in the end. Simple things, like switching the light off when not in use, can help reduce your office’s annual power consumption. Making sure that your tap doesn’t drip or leak can help save precious water and a lot of money each year.

If you plan to make your green office, inform everyone about your goals so everyone can do their part to make your goals achievable.

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